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888 Griffiths Way,
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About Best Practices 

“If you want to know what makes an organization successful, go straight to the source. I have learned what works directly from the experts and taken that resource of knowledge to develop a program of Best Practices based on direct studies and experience.  I'm eager to share that information with you!” - Ellie Braxton, Owner, Best Practices

Ellie Braxton began her career in the Chamber of Commerce industry in 1995. Her first position was as a Retention Specialist with the Modesto, CA Chamber of Commerce. From there she grew to the Director of Membership and Marketing for one of the largest Chambers of Commerce and Technology Business Councils in Texas. She then spent 10 years as the Vice President of the largest, most successful Chamber membership development company in the world.

Today, Ellie serves as an information consultant and training resource for Chambers of Commerce as well as other non-profit organizational staff, Board of Directors and volunteers.  Best Practices is based on her accumulation of knowledge over the past 24 years from over 300 Chambers of Commerce, plus Pharmacy Associations, Technology Councils, Economic Development Associations, the YMCA, University Development and Alumni Associations and other non-profit organizations. This personal, hands on experience is applied in training organizations how to recruit new members, build relationships with and retain current members, and develop additional revenue and support.

Call today, to see how Best Practices and the resource of successful processes gathered and implemented can help you.


My Credentials:

Muhammad Ali always said, "It's ain't bragging, if you can back it up!"

I am proud to share my experiences and successes with you! 


Your Chamber Connection—Vice President

· Implemented professional sales, marketing/branding, and training strategies that resulted in a $1.1M increase in    

  annual fundraising results, raising the annual company revenue by 66%.

· Developed professional Event training collaterals, i.e. instruction book, video presentations, Event marketing

  instructions and training videos.

· Developed and coached on a retention strategy for Chamber clients to implement following their Membership Event.

· Trained all senior level Chamber volunteers on the value of the Chamber and the importance of their participation in

  order to ensure success.

Richardson Chamber of Commerce—Director of Membership and Marketing

· Maintained/retained an annual membership renewal base of over $450K.

· Sought and secured alternative solutions to membership development and retention following the loss of over 30%

  of the Chamber membership as a result of the 9/11 crisis.

· Managed the membership recruitment team of 5, plus 30 Chamber Ambassadors, coaching in sales training, leads

       development and retention.

· Implemented and managed the membership retention strategy and process.

· Managed membership events including EarlyNet, Business After Hours, Annual Membership Drives.

· Designed and implemented the Circle of Influence, a premier tiered-level membership offering a higher degree of

  services, benefits and program sponsorships, resulting in an additional $80K to the annual membership budget.

· Implemented the “Women in Business” Quarterly Luncheon, generating an additional $10K in annual Chamber  


Modesto, CA Chamber of Commerce—Membership Director

· Developed and implemented a membership retention program that lowered the Chamber membership attrition rate

  from 27% to 17% in a two year period.

· Conducted face to face interviews and surveys with local business leaders to gather information on the business

  economy for the Chamber Board of Directors.

· Managed/supported the retention committees, i.e. Ambassadors, Ribbon Cutting Committee.

· Developed and implemented Lunch With the CEO, a monthly C Level private luncheon to allow the senior level

  executives a forum to network, connect, and share ideas on business management.

· Managed all Special Events for the Chamber of Commerce, including: Annual Banquet, Golf Tournament, Harvest

  Luncheon, Oktoberfest, Business After Hours, Coffee Hour, Lunch with the CEO.

California State University-Stanislaus—Annual Fund Director

· Researched, developed, and implemented an Annual Fund program for CSU Stanislaus.

· Hired, trained, and managed a team of 30 plus students to tele-market to secure pledges for the Annual Fund.

· Developed and implemented “Breakfast with the President,” deigned to secure sponsorships, pledges, gifts and


· Coordinated annual fundraising events that generated over $100K in revenue each;  securing Entertainers and

  Commencement speakers, i.e. Cokie Roberts, Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, Ray Charles, Boz Scaggs, B.B. King, Vince Gill,



Membership Campaigns—Self


Texas Pharmacy Association—$61,000.00                                Fort Scott, KS Chamber —$16,670.00

Tennessee Pharmacy Association—$47,620.00                        Ardmore, OK Chamber —$27,374.00

California Pharmacists Association—$43,507.00                      Nacogdoches, TX Chamber —$24,700.00

Minnesota Pharmacists Association—$36, 565.00

NC Association of Pharmacists—$30,010.00

Arizona Pharmacy Association—$28,492.00

SC Pharmacy Association—$20,920.00

Missouri Pharmacy Association—$18,000.00


Lexus® doesn't show up at your door and ask you to buy their car. They make their product so prestigious and reputable that you go looking for it. 


Ellie Braxton, Best Practices 


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