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 Your Chamber of Commerce impacts the quality of life of EVERY person in your community...   but do THEY know that?


Best Practices can help you with:

-  Membership Development Services

-  Membership Upgrade Campaigns

-  Membership Attraction

-  Staff Retreats

-  Board of Directors Retreats

-  Ambassador Retreats

-  Leadership Development Programs

- Increased Revenue through Sponsorships and Elite Programs. 


New Chamber Staff members, long-term Board Members, Ambassadors, Committee Members and numerous other volunteers that don't completely understand the value of the Chamber and how important it is to their community.  It is amazing how excited they become once they fully understand the impact of their efforts and how necessary they are to membership development.


Membership Attraction

Chambers of Commerce have a very specialized market, but their results affect everyone in their community.  It takes specific training to sell what many percieve to be an intangible. 

Best Practices coaches the staff, and/or volunteers to understand the importance and impact of a Chamber in the community. Recruiting is easy when approached the correct way and equipped with relevant information.  

Best Practices can help you with:

-  Membership Development Programs

-  Membership Upgrade Programs

-  Retention Plans and Assistance

-  Premier Membership Investment Schedules

-  Sales training for Staff and Ambassadors

-  Retention training for Staff and Ambassadors


Many Chambers do a great job recruiting new members, but struggle to keep them. Our experience shows that it's easy. Talk to them… and make sure it's relevant to their world.

In today’s fast paced business world, it’s much easier to communicate the value of membership. Based on the best practices of hundreds of successful Chamber, there are two effective processes to retain your members. Let us show you how!




Chambers of Commerce 


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