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Membership Sales "Attraction" and Retention

‚Äč"Well worth it. Appreciated learning different processes. Definite walk aways. Thank you!" Nichole Anderson, Killeen Chamber of Commerce

"The very next day after attending your class on Membership Attraction and Retention, I was approached by one of my Board of Directors, asking me what value the Chamber brought to her business. I shared what I learned in your class and she smiled saying, 'That's the best explanation I've ever heard.' " - Molly Hall, President, Sacshe, TX Chamber of Commerce

"Very helpful. I especially enjoyed the Ambassador information." - Mikie Cummings, Temple Chamber of Commerce

Membership Directors, Communication Directors to Executive Directors - Whether you are a new hire or have been on the job for a while, Best Practices can help you become a membership sales and retention leader. With more than 20 years of first hand experience in membership sales and retention, I will share with you successful strategies that helped grow my former Chamber membership and reduced our attrition rate by more than 12%.  I will also help you develop stronger non-dues revenue opportunities. 

- Attracting Members vs Selling

- The Real Value of Your Chamber

- Membership Relationships

- Ambassadors That Work for You

- Do More with Less

- Premier Memberships

- Non-Dues Opportunities

Power At Your Fingertips:




"This is great!  I learned so much and am excited about implementing it at our Chamber."

- Saundra Midkiff, Membership Director  Allen-Fairview, TX Chamber of Commerce 


Every Chamber has a group of Ambassadors or Diplomats, or representatives, but how many Chambers use the POWER that's right at their fingertips? Ambassadors are much more than a networking or Ribbon Cutting group!

Build a group of Ambassadors that "work" for you!

We can't fire volunteers but we CAN re-build. Join Best Practices as I go through the steps taken to transform a large networking group of members (that called themselves Ambassadors), to a group of hard working, dedicated Ambassadors that recruited members and helped build relationships with our current members. This 3 hour seminar includes, How To:


- Hand select the RIGHT Ambassadors.

- Re-build and utilize your current group without alienating any members.

- Teach the Ambassadors how to tell their story...and yours.

- Teach the Ambassadors the proper way to network for your Chamber and themselves.

- Develop recognition programs instead of prizes.

- Build a team of EFFECTIVE sales and retention volunteers!


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